The Museum Thesaurus

The Thesaurus is a structured vocabulary of terms that allows the identification, classification, description and cataloguing of our cultural goods for better knowledge. Its purpose is to make it easier for the user to access and retrieve information in a database, simply by using a search engine and entering the desired term.

The creation of the Thesaurus of the Virtual Museum of Quart de Poblet, has taken as a starting point:

The dictionaries of denominations of cultural goods, furniture, matter and technique of the Thesauri of the Cultural Heritage of Spain.
The thesaurus of the Memorial Democràtic, made to measure for the project of the Banc Memorial, the archive of testimonies of this institution.

From this pre-existing structure, the Thesaurus of the Virtual Museum of Quart de Poblet has been constructed with a vocabulary adjusted to the specific reality of Quart that establishes a basis for the interpretation of its cultural heritage allowing the relationship between objects, real estate and photographs.

The Thesaurus is structured into 4 broad areas that answer 4 questions: 

What? (themes)
Who? (onomastic)
When? (chronology of events)
How? (subjects and techniques)